Metal Art

Ross wrangles sheets of cold, flat metal into lively, sometimes  whimsical shapes that seem as natural as the plants and clouds, bubbles and stones and laughing mountain streams that they suggest.

Indeed, their startling luminosity makes each piece seem almost alive, vividly glimmering and dancing in the changing light.

Wonderful to look at, they are also a delight to touch, and that’s when you really sense the care and craftsmanship that goes into Ross’s work. The surfaces are smooth, gently mottled and painstakingly ground to a silky finish.

Many of his pieces are functional: mirrors, clocks, centrepieces, candle holders and picture frames – which create a bold and dynamic focal point for any room.

Ross’s wall sculptures elevate the medium of metal into the realm of fine art. These are complex and energetic compositions combining different metals and shapes, heat colouring and ground textures in dramatic ways. A Metal Mayhem wall sculpture transforms any room into an art gallery. 

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