Artist statement

I am a metal artist. I work in mild steel, copper and stainless steel and my work ranges from large scale public sculptures to smaller pieces of jewellery. I love the weird and wonderful things you can get metals to do: the varying textures that can be applied, the colours in copper, and the clean lines of stainless steel. Because I am experienced with metal I am confident in working with it – I am prepared to do things that other people wouldn’t attempt. I play with the metal and then I stop when I think it’s done. My studio is close to Lough Boora Parklands in County Offaly where I walk every morning. I think that the landscape feeds into my work although I don’t quite understand how. Each season has nuances: mist, wind, and snow; sun, growth and decay. There are reflections, evolution and tranquility. Often there is something new – welcome and unwelcome. And the rain – who can forget the rain! Making comes to me naturally and sometimes unexpected curves emerge from the making. There have been times when I have seen these curves echoed in the landscape and asked myself – was that there before?

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